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We’re here to help college students excel and plan their careers, and to help young professionals use the best of what they’ve learned to excel in their jobs.

This website includes the distillation of decades of our experience in teaching, mentoring, jobs, and business development. We started the website as an aid for college students, and we’re now adding material for professionals who are new in their careers.   

We’ve discovered much to share with you. Would you like to learn simple, scientifically proven techniques for learning faster and in greater depth? Are you interested in coming to know the deeper you? Are you ready to take decisive steps and follow through for your well being? Are you ready to study your own attitudes and thought patterns so you can change them for the better? We’ll help you dig into fascinating levels of self-knowledge. You’ll create ways to have fun when taking action. 

Look at our three Zones and see where it would be best for you to start.

The Overlap Zone: We assist both students and young professionals to develop and keep a growth mindset, learn about their values, manage their time, manage their happiness, keep their ethics and integrity, maintain inspiration and motivation, use research methods to learn about anything, and learn about making a better world and helping others.

The Student Zone: We help college students develop study habits, maximize their self-concept, make all A’s and B’s, explore self-knowledge to learn what careers would be best for them, and make the best connections to help them beyond college.

The Career Zone: We help young professionals get pre-job training, have the choice of numerous good jobs, get job security, get raises and recognition, relate well with co-workers and management, get the best job benefits, achieve the income plateau of $75K as early as possible, learn about successful investing, and use their employment as a platform to start their own independent businesses. is compiled and written by college professor Richard Leon Linfield, Ph.D., and personal growth counselor Leilani Darling, J.D., O.M. As a team, their mission is helping students and success-oriented professionals learn powerful skills and methods available for them to excel. 

We help students be the best they can be while also making the best grades, and we help young professionals  excel at their work and maximize their earning. Our focus is on the unusual and empowering ways positivity and happiness cause great outcomes. Our students learn how these attitudes can dramatically enhance their abilities and accomplishments. This website includes the distillation of decades of our experience in teaching, mentoring, jobs, and business development.

There is much information here. You can come back many times. Find the information that’s best for your needs now. When you feel the desire for more, come back again and again. We are constantly updating the site. 

We’ll help you answer the following questions and many others:

  • What strengths, skills and associates do you have to support you?

  • How can you become free of anything that’s in your way?

  • What resources can you find to help you succeed in your quest?                                           

    To make it in college and in the professional world, you need an accurate picture of your capabilities. Some students and young professionals have an overconfident view of themselves, and this can be a problem. Yet for many, the opposite can be true:

  • they have a wrongfully negative self-image, and don’t realize they are capable of far more than they may believe.  

A realistic, creative, committed person contemplates and uses his or her positive abilities, and doesn’t exaggerate the negative. This realism is a major secret to college and job-market success.

If you’re a student, let’s consider what would support you to do the following:

  • Complete your courses with all A’s and B’s

  • Finish your degree or certificate

  • Advance yourself by transferring to your next college or university, or starting a great career  

  • Above all, to gain lasting personal benefits from your education.

Our goals include that you learn:

  • How and where to get help for personal and academic issues

  • How to revise and correct your own work

  • How to build realistic self-esteem

  • How to feel capable of successfully making your way in society

Here are some ways to begin finding the answers to these questions quickly.

To get help for personal issues as a student: Don’t assume that your family is the first or best place to go for every type of help. The professional college counselors on your campus have seen issues like yours in other students many times. This helps a counselor accurately identify issues comparable to yours.

Also, campus health centers generally have emotional and mental health counselors on staff. Their input is confidential and tailored to your individual questions and needs.

Pharmaceutical solutions are often not as helpful as you’d like them to be. They should be a last resort and never a habit. Drugs cannot touch the roots of your problems, and can cause serious new issues. Also, it’s well known that habitual alcohol and psychoactive cannabis use are not the best stress reducers. Science shows that they can damage your health and can even lower your IQ. As you know, a lower IQ is not very useful for college and professional success.

For academic issues, see your academic counselor, or you might consult one of your professors. For research-related issues, librarians are incredibly adept at helping, and are usually eager to assist. Don’t forget your campus Tutoring Center for workshops and one-on-one help with your courses.

For professionals who are new to the job market, have you deeply explored the possible careers available to you? Do you feel you owe it to yourself and your family to have the most satisfying and helpful career you can? Do you know that most Americans change jobs and even industries several times in the course of their careers? Have you considered self-employment and becoming a consultant as possible top-dollar niches? Use our self-knowledge tools to learn as much as you can about where you might do the best.

Students and young pros alike should next go to the page entitled Jump-starting your studies and career.” This page provides useful self-knowledge exercises to give you new direction in your search for success. Let’s get started!