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Our mission is to lower the number of U.S. students who drop out of college or university without earning a degree or certificate.

The dropout rate in the U.S. has remained at around 50% since 2001. By providing interactive tools to help students make all A’s and B’s, we seek to reduce this rate significantly by 2024. We provide students with hard-to-find tools for managing their time to maximize their productivity.

   We’re a team: a professor and an attorney/life coach.

We’re here to help college students excel and plan their careers. We gratefully share what we’ve learned from Business and Education Success Studies, Mindset Science, Deep Learning, Appreciative Instruction, and Positive Psychology, among other innovative disciplines.

This website includes the distillation of decades of our experience in working at a variety of jobs, teaching, coaching, mentoring, supervising employees of our own businesses, and helping small businesses develop.   

We’ve discovered much to share with you. Would you like to learn our simple, scientifically proven techniques for learning faster and in greater depth? Are you interested in coming to know the deeper you? Are you ready to take decisive steps and follow through on them for your well being? Are you ready to study your own attitudes and thought patterns so you can improve them? We’ll help you dig into fascinating levels of self-knowledge. You’ll create ways to celebrate and have fun when taking action on behalf of your education.

Richard Leon Linfield, Ph.D. is a writer, professor, publisher/editor and public relations manager who has taught at nine colleges and universities. He co-founded the innovative New College of California in San Francisco. In Boulder, Colorado, he edited and published New Colorado, an arts and entertainment monthly.

Author and spiritual mentor Leilani Darling has taught courses at the world-renowned Cayce Institute and provides coaching and consulting through her website www.MorePositiveMoreProductive.com. Her J.D. is from the University of Virginia School of Law. She was ordained as an Interfaith Minister at The New Seminary in New York City, affiliated with the United Nations. With Linfield, she co-directs the nonprofit www.Joyandwisdomcenter.com.

Our learning websites and courses are published by the Optimal Learning Institute, a subsidiary of the nonprofit Joy and Wisdom Center

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