(set a) Four practices for success

Four practices that go a long way towards delivering A’s and B’s and gaining great job skills are (1) learning how to edit your work, (2) developing realistic self-esteem, (3) using social media well, and (4) learning how to become personally empowered in today’s challenging society.  Here are some ways to manage these practices:
How to revise and edit your own work: This ability is known as the very essence of education. A student who makes good grades always allows time to revise, not just proofread. The effort to perfect your work can bring up panic and fear, or it can inspire you to excellence. It’s important to use the campus tutorial service well. See the College and professional writing and editing page. 
How to build realistic self-esteem: If you break the habit of comparing yourself to others, you are on the way. Realistic self-esteem never looks down at anyone, nor does it idolize anyone. You have abilities to be excellent that are not the same of those of others. Find out what yours are, and forget about other people’s abilities.
About social media: If you frequently use social media, you may be in the unconscious habit of constantly comparing yourself to others. Research has shown that this habit can make you feel depressed without your knowing why. It can also make you feel arrogant and superior to others — which makes it difficult for you to work with a team.
Many students excel in school and enjoy better socializing with others by disciplining themselves in their use of social media. Some students only use social media at particular times and are not on call constantly. See the Managing Your Work and Time page here. Believe it or not, some students have taken the drastic step of deleting the social media apps from their phones. Would that be a good thing for you to do? 
How to feel empowered in society: Know yourself! Know your abilities, and you’ll find many ways to be productive. You’ll never be lacking; you’ll never feel like a victim. You’ll use your setbacks as stepping stones. Learning who you are and what you desire and what your talents and interests are is a lifelong project. The person who knows himself or herself well never has a problem locating ways to do well in society.  Self-knowledge is a project you can start now. Remember, you’ll greatly enhance what you get out of this website by keeping notes in a Self-Knowledge Workbook, either typed or handwritten.