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We are a 501(c)3 organization and your donations are tax deductible. Our cause is turning college students around so they pursue excellence and make great grades, and helping reverse the high college dropout rate with a five-year plan to increase student retention to 75% by 2014. Monthly donations go into our general fund. Special donations can sponsor whole programs, such as our college student trainings for specific schools; contact us. 


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Our projects

Our vision to establish good mindsets

We’re bursting with well-researched positivity campaigns based on neuroscience and psychology, ready to see the light of day! With funding, we’ll produce a strong steady stream of positivity resources, as compared to our present high quality smaller scale offerings. 

We have a practical vision of a positive world, and we’re implementing it in college classrooms and one-on-one, in person and on the net. 

Your donation can help us with these projects:  

· We train facilitators for our Positive Action Circles to make good things happen in local communities. These small group meetings help people become effective and self-respecting, then create projects to benefit their cities and neighborhoods. 

· We teach college students how to get maximum benefit from each class they take, and to stay in school to obtain their credentials and degrees. 

· We teach college instructors how to lower the very high college dropout rate, and how to include ethics in every college subject, even math and science. 

· We teach entertainment and journalism professionals how to begin breaking the pattern of negativity prevalent in mass media. 

· We’re developing a series of media posts and memes to develop positivity and ethics in the public consciousness.  

You can donate via our PayPal button with monthly donations, or a one-time contribution. You can also sponsor an entire program such as Positive Action Circles or college student or instructor training, Write or call for details on sponsorships. 

We’re in our first stages, and we’ll be using our donations to hire –

  • a designer of online courses for a format such as Udemy
  • a social media manager
  • a webmaster
  • a fundraising consultant
  • a crowdfunding specialist 
  • a tech-savvy office manager

We’ll also upgrade our computer equipment to extend our reach. 

You can assist our grounded, practical vision of a better word by making regular contributions. For larger donors, we offer branded sponsorships to make our free and low-cost programs available to college students and instructors. 

The Joy & Wisdom Center is supported in part by a for-profit business, Positive Community Interactions LLC, selling products and services at