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Welcome! If you’re a college student seeking to make all A’s and B’s, you’re in the right place. Read this page, and then go to the page entitled Drastic (but wise) ideas about learning. Most college students shortchange themselves. The Drastic Ideas page can show you why and how to give yourself your due. Next, for a set of five Power Tools for your success, go to “How to jump-start your studies and career.” But wait! Read the rest of this page first!

Your college years and your first years in the workforce are critical chapters in your life story. Your environment in these times allows much more freshness and freedom than you’ve probably experienced up to now. You can attain more self-knowledge than ever. Self-knowledge enables you to accomplish much more than you’ve ever imagined. Furthermore, as we demonstrate, if you combine self-knowledge with a consistent positive attitude, you’ll have frequent successes and be respected and appreciated.

At this time in your life, you’re open and flexible. If you’re in college, you’re being exposed to a broad base of human knowledge. Or you may now have a job in an industry that’s new to you. This is one of the few times in your life when you have the rare opportunity to grow fundamental strengths.

If you apply the methods given here, you can develop permanent, advanced abilities to learn anything — and you can maximize your ability to earn as much as you choose. With self-knowledge, you can obtain these abilities not necessarily through hard work, but through focused effort.

These abilities won’t come to you automatically. You’ll have to make certain subtle shifts in your mindset to gain these new skills. The good news is that you won’t have to work harder, you’ll just have to learn how to do the right things at the right times.

Here, we’ll show you how to use this time to make high intensity learning and maximal earning become ongoing parts of your life. Doing this can guarantee you two essentials. First, you’ll always be able to learn and deeply understand whatever subjects you choose, and next, you’ll learn how never to lack for income.

Read below what many students and young professionals say about how our methods have worked for them.

Next, read about our Three Zones. Each one is designed to help you where you are now: the Student Zone — the Overlap Zone — the Career Zone.


“Your methods have helped me learn to think for myself even more than I would have on my own. You’ve helped me make very important decisions for myself. You’ve changed my life!”  –Emma G.

“Thank you for helping me realize my true potential, and for helping me see I don’t have to conform to society; I can be my own authentic self and give what I have to the world.”  –Kaylee L.

“One of the most useful resources is the free e-book, Six Steps to College Student Success, which gives tips on how to avoid debt while in school. The site also offers techniques on how to improve your studying and writing. The program’s main goal is to help people succeed in life in general. It provides useful information on how to improve your happiness and increase your motivation.” -Juan R.

“Thank you for reminding me and helping me to keep up with a growth mindset. You are a wonderful inspiration not only to me but to others as well.” –Kassandra S.

“Because of this training, I want to become a better person for myself. It has already helped me with procrastination and some of my fixed mindsets. I can already feel myself becoming a better person, and it’s all because of these lessons. Thank you for opening my eyes to myself. Before, I didn’t know what I wanted in life, really, and now I do.” –Katherine S.

“The section on procrastination was by far the most useful to me. I did not really consider myself a procrastinator, but from studying this section, I have come to terms with the fact that I do procrastinate without even realizing it. Now I’m able to look for habits that kept me from completing the things that I need to finish. I learned how to cut out certain ‘big distractions,’ such as my cell phone, that kept me from my work. Not only has this helped me stop postponing things, but it has tremendously changed the quality of my work for the better.”  –Kayly J.

“There is much to learn and take away from this helpful website, but what I’m finding out is that to succeed in college doesn’t take as much hard work as it takes focused work. I used to believe it takes hard work, but reading this insightful website is helping me to realize much more about how I can perform as a star student.” –Jasmine H.

“There is nothing more stressful than going through the process of applying for and getting a job. To learn on this website about investing, management, job security and more is huge, simply because it is setting up the future of our nation for success: –James W.

“This website is all about helping students become better in the classroom and outside the classroom too! It gives many ways to expand your thinking and many ways to achieve better grades.” –Krissy R.

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We’re long-time college professor Richard Leon Linfield, Ph.D., and attorney and personal growth counselor Leilani Darling, J.D., O.M. Here we’ve integrated information from hundreds of students and educators. As a team, our mission is to help students and professionals apply tested, proven skills and methods for excelling. For more, see the About Us tab.

Our purposes: We help students be the best they can be while they also make the best grades. When a student becomes a young professional, we offer help for them to excel at their work and maximize their earning power. Our focus is on unusual and empowering ways that positivity, self-respect and happiness cause great outcomes. Our students learn how celebrating these attitudes can dramatically enhance their abilities and accomplishments.

How motivated do you feel to become a great student? How committed are you to being a great income-producer? If you need stronger commitment and motivation, keep reading. We can help.

We have many tools you’ll be able to use in ways that you can adapt uniquely to your personality. We include proven ways to make top grades and earn more — and without overwork.

How can you keep from working too hard? By learning proper focus. Right focus means learning how to work in depth without distraction. It also means having the right mindset and making the right choices of what to study and how to earn.

When you commit to these ways of applying yourself, this crucial time in your life shall never be wasted. You can truly become a life-long winner.

Look at our three Zones and see where it would be best for you to start your advancement to more success.

The Student Zone: We help college students develop study habits; maximize their self-concept; make all A’s and B’s; explore self-knowledge to learn what careers would be best for them; and make the best connections to help them beyond college.

The Overlap Zone: We assist both students and young professionals to develop and keep a growth mindset; learn about their values; manage their time; manage their happiness; keep their ethics and integrity; maintain inspiration and motivation; use research methods to learn about any subject; and learn how to make a better world and help others.

The Career Zone: We help young professionals find pre-job learning; have the choice of numerous good jobs; get job security; get raises and recognition; relate well with co-workers and management;, get the best job benefits; achieve the income level of $75K as early as possible; learn about successful investing; and use their employment as a platform to start their own independent businesses.

What you’ll need: Pen or pencil and computer/tablet; a printer well supplied with ink or toner; and a way to keep Self-Knowledge Notes. This can be a three-ring binder, portfolio folder, spiral notebook or other type of notebook where you can do and keep the exercises assigned here. Every time you open the website, have your Self-Knowledge Notes available

How to start: Next go to the Drastic Ideas page to break out of old ideas that may not be serving you. Then, see “How to jump-start your studies and career.” The page provides five powerful self-knowledge sources to help you find direction in your search for success. The Jump-Start page is going to require you to make some decisions and do some writing, so have your Self-Knowledge Notes handy.

Click to begin with the Drastic Ideas page. Then go to the Jump-Start page. After that, dig in! Enjoy the many ideas and exercises we’ve prepared for you. Return often, as we’re frequently updating and adding to the site. Best wishes for your journey of self-caring and success! –Richard and Leilani