(set a) How to jump-start your career

Here are five steps to become more positive and successful in your career.

Decide which of the five steps below you would like to take first. Which is best for your immediate situation?

  1. Learn your top 24 strengths of character with a quick, confidential survey.  See  the “Your character strengths” page on this website for directions.
  2. Find out the moral and ethical values that motivate you and give your life meaning; see the page on this website named “Your Values.
  3. Discover more about your career-related interests by clicking here for the O*Net Interest Profiler.
  4. Explore your mindset: take a test to discover what kind of mindset you have now and how to improve it: www.mindsetonline.comAlso see the Mindset page on this website.
  5. Create a profile on LinkedIn. This leading website for business success is used by employers to find and evaluate job candidates. The primary level of LinkedIn is free, and includes training. You can update it any time you want. https://linkedin.com  

Directions: Get out your Self-Knowledge Notes. Write an entry explaining which of the five steps you’ve chosen to take first, and why. This should be anywhere from two short sentences to half a page.

Get started on the step you’ve chosen, and take notes on it as you go. Take good notes, because you’ll be referring to them later for developing your self-knowledge.

Continue this process with the other four steps. Each of them is important. #####