Jump-starting your studies and career

For most students, the transition from high school to college proves to be a delight. The main difference is the atmosphere. Those who say that college is just a glorified version of high school are far off the mark. There are deep and essential differences between high school and college – differences that can change your life.

Overall, the chief difference is that the atmosphere in college is not loaded with authority and peer pressure. You can make your own decisions about what courses to take. You can also stop being swayed so much by the opinions of your peers.

College is not mandatory, so high school’s pervasive presence of “law and order” is absent. Also, student peer pressure is not a dominating issue in college because when people are doing something on a voluntary basis, they’re not feeling so persecuted and angry. Without these feelings, there is much less cause for anyone to ridicule and pressure their fellow students. So, peer pressure is not the dominating concern that it is in high school.

College student interactions tend to be civil and respectful – in other words, more mature. Freedom of choice to determine one’s own education and career is the new factor which marks a major life-change from high school.

Maturity and self-understanding are key factors for using one’s freedom to attain college success. Here are some tools for preparation:

Four steps to get ready for a college level education

Learn your top 24 strengths of character with a quick, confidential survey.  See  the “Your character strengths” page on this website for directions.

Find out the moral and ethical values that motivate you and give your life meaning; see the page on this website named “Your Values.

Discover your career-related interests by clicking here for the O*Net Interest Profiler.

Explore your mindset: take a test to discover what kind of mindset you have now and how to improve it: www.mindsetonline.comAlso see the Mindset page on this website.

Create a student profile on LinkedIn. This leading profiles website for business success is used by employers to find and evaluate job candidates. It’s free, and includes training, and you can update it any time you want. https://university.linkedin.com/linkedin-for-students.