Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay: Stories for Self-Knowledge

Recall an event from which you learned a life lesson.

This should not be “I learned not to drink and drive,” or “I learned not to be stupid.” This is about a positive lesson you learned.

This is not about how you learned to avoid something. It is about how you learned something that you use positively to this day.

It’s about how you learned something that you continue to use to help yourself and others actively.

This is a self-evaluation of gains you’ve made in your life.

You’ll be telling some stories about how you learned something of major importance to you, and how you’ve used what you learned.

Even if it includes a negative event, you must emphasize the positive gain.

After your first story of learning, you’ll tell brief stories of two other events in your life in which you used that same positive gain.

Instructions for drafting and structuring:

At the top, give your essay a title that says something about the story – not just “Narrative Essay.”

Title your sections. Type the section names given below above each of the four parts.

  1. “Introduction”

The principle you learned and why it’s important.

  • “The First Time”

The story of the first time you learned it.

  • “The Next Time”

The story of an important time you have used this principle.

  • “Another Time”

The story of another time you have used this principle.

  • “The Future”

Explanation of how you are likely to continue using it in the future, and why.

LENGTH 300-500 WORDS in total.  Type your total word count by your title.

Make sure of the following:

  • Give each of your three stories a time and a location, and persons in addition to yourself.
  • Ensure that the conclusion (section 5) gives the reader something to think about.