Continued from College students! Are you ready to make all A’s and B’s without overworking?

“I would like to thank you for the numerous self-improvement and growth mindset exercises. They have helped me to grow tremendously as an individual.”  –Nicholai C.

“You’ve been a huge inspiration and encouragement to me! Best experience with a teacher I’ve ever had, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.”—Jason M. 

“I never really considered just how vital doing focused work is. I used to always just do my work without putting much thought into it or adding much serious depth to it. Now I’ve been bringing more focus to my work, and have seen a huge change not only in my work ethic, but in my time management as well.” –Alissa M.

“These tools encouraged me to know that even if I’m not naturally good at something, it doesn’t have to stay that way. I can grow and do well at it.” –Candice N.

“www.successincollegeandcareer.com has quizzes, different websites, lessons, and links to better any student’s performance in school and/or career. This is what will help me though college.” -Brian A.

“My new mindset allows me to see my failures and setbacks as just the opposite: as stepping stones to my end goal. I’m able to see myself as a work in progress always, and know that I can always better myself. This ensures an accurate self-esteem that won’t let me think I’m essentially better or worse than anyone else. Subsequently, I will be destined for greatness!” –Kaylee M.

“The website is filled with abundant information and very helpful resources that can guide me as a student through my college journey and future career.” –Francisco V.

“Thank you so, so much, Professor! You have helped me get through and overcome a lot. I am going to take everything you have taught and use it in my daily life and future.” –Alexus G.

“I never look for help from anyone else, and always think that I need to be the one to figure it all out. The website showed me all of the different resources I have so that I don’t have to go it alone. It also brought up the question of feeling capable of making your own way in today’s society. I have not felt capable of making my own way successfully, so I shall definitely continue to look into this.” -Ashley H.

“These strategies have helped me become a better student, and have made writing a breeze.” -Keegan I.

“One of the most useful things on the website, in my opinion, is that family members are not the first or best people for you to ask for help. Being able to find other sources of help is crucial, because who knows how long your family members may be around, or what sort of problems you may develop that are outside their area of expertise.” –Carla N.

“I was impressed that this website even exists, because at times as a college student, I feel as though I am very alone. www.successincollegeandcareer.com demonstrated to me that as a college student I have a lot of support if I am willing to accept it.” –Valeria M.

“The information that stands out for me is on the outlook people have about themselves. I found it helpful to understand that people shouldn’t have a negative view of themselves, nor an overconfident view, because that only limits their ability to keep a realistic state of mind. A realistic mindset is an important step towards gaining the success you desire.” –Breanna V.

“Along with help on deciding what to do with your life, the website gives students techniques on how to get raises in their jobs, earn over $75K a year, and gain numerous benefits in the workplace.” –Madison H.

“You left your handprint on the students and staff.  Thank you so much for all your dedication and love.”  –Mariana M., Transfer Center Director

“I was given something to think about in the section on smoking cannabis and using alcohol as stress reducers. I feel I have become dependent on using cannabis to help me with my mental and emotional problems. Although cannabis is legal in my state, I do not like the idea of being dependent on anything. I also hate the idea that this habit can lower my IQ, because one thing I really value about myself is my mind. After reading about the downside of cannabis and alcohol, I plan to seek help immediately in order to become a better student and person.” –Amy B.

“The website taught me that the first step to student success is to know that even if you never had great grades, you can make the change to receive all A’s and B’s. In order to change, you must make the right effort. Working too much can badly affect you by making you too tired to even focus. Learn to give yourself time for rest and socializing.” –Leah F.