(set b) Your character strengths

Learn your top 24 strengths of character with this quick, confidential survey from the VIA Institute on Character: https://www.viacharacter.org

“Your personal profile is based on the scientifically validated VIA Survey and shows the rank order of your strengths according to the VIA Classification, created by renowned psychologists Dr. Martin Seligman and the late Dr. Christopher Peterson and used by hundreds of researchers to advance the science of character.”

Allow 15-30 minutes for the survey. Be honest; don’t try to select the answers that indicate what you wish or hope to be, but only those that describe what you’re like at present.

Upon completing the survey, you’ll see a Congratulations page.  Underneath the three packages for purchase, on the right, see the small print “Download Free Character Strengths Profile.” Click there for your free personal list, and print it out.

Please note that although this is a tested and accurate survey, the category of Spirituality in this system is closely allied with religion, and may not be applicable to you if you are spiritual and not religious.

For your self-knowledge: Type out the top five strengths on your list, and for each one, type a specific example of how you have used this strength in your life. Include a specific place and time for each one.

Keep this report to remind you of what strengths you can apply to situations that come up when taking college courses, when involved in campus activities, and dealing with on-the-job issues.